Our partnership with   avatar-ec-groupNSF Euro Consultants

Since 2015, NSF Euro Consultants and Belgian Bankers Academy go for a strategic partnership.

NSF Euro Consultants is specialized in upgrading quality in organisations (management consulting). The group acts mainly in food production and food industry.

”This partnership strengthens the NSF Euro Consultants ONE STOP SHOP character by broadening its competences and financial expertise, notably for its activities linked to institutional funding of the private sector.” says Jean-Jacques Adam, NSF Euro Consultants President.

“With the NSF Euro Consultants support BBA reinforces its technical and administrative structures to search and manage projects which will accelerate our activities”, adds André Taymans, Chairman of the BBA Management Board.

Sabine Laruelle, Institutional Vice President at NSF Euro Consultants joins BBA as Vice Chairman of the Management Board.
Frédéric Lernoux, Chief Executive of BBA, joins NSF Euro Consultants as Strategy & Business development Vice President.

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