Uganda : Call for e-learning expert

Belgian Bankers Academy is bidding for a project in Uganda focused on improvement of the data utilization of the credit reference system by participating institutions and the Bank of Uganda.

The objectives of the project are to support the Bank of Uganda through:

  • Component 1:
    • review and upgrade the credit reference system reporting formats and its utilization by participating institutions;
    • training of participating institutions on improved credit reference system utilization;
  • Component 2:
    • Review and upgrade internal credit reference system reports and requirements of the Supervision Directorate, the Financial Stability and the Research Departments;
    • Identify training needs, develop training materials and deliver trainings to relevant staff from the Bank of Uganda.

Project Location: Uganda

Project duration: 12 months (assignment is part-time with multiple visits to Uganda)


  • Experience in training needs identification;
  • Strong experience in the development of e-learning modules for the financial sector
  • Experience in training needs analysis, training design and training delivery for financial institutions;
  • Relevant regional experience in East Africa;
  • Fluent in English

If you are interested to receive more information for the assignment please send your updated CV to with subject “5034”.

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