Bank Simulations

  • Business Management Simulation (ComSim)

ComSim uses a combination of formal concepts and a practical business simulation to ensure that skills are not only acquired, but applied in a live and dynamic case study. The programme is aimed at new and existing SME owners that need to enhance their skills, especially if they would like to expand their businesses, apply for funding, looking for new opportunities, etc.


  • Enable participants to acquire specific skills in business processes, new management skills, to reinforce existing skills and to identify skill deficiencies;
  • Enhance functional knowledge and the understanding of business and management disciplines;
  • Develop greater business awareness in a global market context;
  • Understand the need for change in a business (economic environment; competitive environment, external factors);
  • Link overall strategies to the successful implementation of operational strategies;
  • Improve participants’ personal and team behaviour (including team building);
  • Understand and implement corporate objectives matching the economic and social environment.


ComSim comprehensively covers the five key areas of SME management:

  • Business strategy for SME’s
  • Operations/production/capacity management
  • Marketing and sales
  • Business finance
  • People management

This integrated approach focuses on the whole business and will clearly show for participants the importance of managing all these aspects well and in an integrated manner.

ComSim was designed according international standards of outcomes based adult learning. The intervention addresses over 80 learning outcomes in the following areas:

  • Business competencies (i.e.; multi-functional orientation; business systems and processes; interpreting financial statements, customer orientation and service; performance management; industrial relations, quality management and professionalism.)
  • Management competencies (i.e. information processing and analysis; problem resolution and decision making; planning and organising; delegation and control)
  • Leading competencies (i.e. strategic thinking and alignment; change management; learning orientation; motivation)
  • Interactive competencies (i.e. communication; coaching and facilitation; relationship building and team leadership; conflict management; managing diversity; empowerment; stakeholder involvement).



Target group
ComSim allows for target participants that range from supervisory to middle and regional level managers from all sectors of the economy – manufacturing, commerce, banking and finance, business and personal services.

General Commercial Business

  • Middle and functional line managers
  • Technical specialists (i.e. engineers, senior technicians) moving into management
  • Sales managers / representatives
  • Staff that often have to liaise with business clients
  • Supervisors
  • Senior foremen
  • Finance managers
  • Human resources managers
  • Credit managers / advisers
  • Graduate trainees and managers
  • Divisional managers


Financial institutions

  • Sales managers
  • Credit managers
  • Relationship managers and business development advisers
  • Account managers
  • Branch managers
  • Technical specialists (i.e. structured finance specialists) moving into management
  • Human resources managers
  • Graduate trainees and managers

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