Analysis of the need for training of commercial banks and the modalities to implement these trainings

Project information

The goal of this mission was to elaborate a training plan to strengthen the capacity of the staff, making the performance of all commercial banks in Togo grow. Therefore this plan allowed:

  • To develop and improve the competences of the employees by managing the consequences of changes such as economical, technological, sociological and structural, and also to anticipate on these different types of changes;
  • To improve the competitiveness of the commercial banks while maintaining the employability of the salaries;
  • To enlarge the efficiency of the employees’ know-how, their capacity to innovate, their creativity and adaptation towards the demands of the market and the concurrence;
  • To acquire a competitive advantage to cope with competitors;
  • To allow the conceptualization of strategies of development and the growth for the banks.

Status : Closed

Date : 12-2009 -> 02-2010

Countries : Togo