Capacity building for financial Institutions on SME finance and Management of financial institutions

Project information

Belgian Bankers Academy was designated by House of Training – Financial Technology Transfer Agency to deliver series of training sessions focused on management of financial institutions and SME finance.

  1. Trainings on Management of Financial Institutions
    The training sessions are focused to bank managers at decision level and high potential staff in management area. The delivery mode is a mix of theoretical and practical aspects of financial and general management in an universal bank. The practical sessions include the use of banking simulation (B@nkSim) program which was specifically developed by Belgian Bankers Academy. The computer-based bank management simulation program depicts a typical full-service universal bank. A number of banks compete against each other, creating a realistic banking environment. Participants experience the consequences of taking major management decisions within a given timeframe, called a “period”. Each period is the equivalent of three months (quarter of a year). The banks conduct various banking activities in order to grow their loans, deposits, investment portfolios and other businesses in the marketplace.
    The following topics were included in the training sessions:
    • Liquidity Risk Management
    • Credit Risk Management 
    • Distribution Channel management 
    • Private banking activities
    • Investment banking activities
    • Savings and Certificates of Deposits
    • Capital Account Management following Basel I, Basel II or Basel III regulation 
    • Off-Balance Sheet items
    Some of the training sessions were delivered virtually using a web-based platform for organization of trainings.
  2. Trainings on SME finance – the training sessions included modules on
    • SME Financing – key concepts
    • SME Financing – strategy and objectives
    • Marketing & commercial approach
    • Scoring and rating tools
    • Analysis of business plans
    • Credit risk and collateral policy
    • Financial analysis
    • SME failures & non-performing loans (NPLs)

Status : Closed

Date : 01-2012 -> 06-2021

Countries : Vietnam, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Laos