Consultancy Services for Strengthening the Central Bank’s Capacity to Combat Money Laundering

Project information

The objectives of these consulting services were to:

  1. Provide Banking Supervision Department (DSB) inspectors enough knowledge on anti-money laundering strategies, frameworks and tools;
  2. Building the inspectors' capacity to verify of the different types of money laundering risks present in financial sector operations and/or institutions, and to understand the risk classification procedures, including the appropriate regulatory and supervision methods for each situation;
  3. Building the inspectors' capacity so as they can check the efficacy and efficiency of internal procedures for preventing and fighting money laundering and the funding of terrorism implemented by supervised institutions;
  4. Provide to the inspectors techniques for the treatment of information on operations that are suspicious and susceptible of being used for committing these crimes.

Status : Closed

Date : 05-2008 -> 12-2008

Countries : Mozambique