Management of Relaunch Funds, Advice and Exchanges in Microfinance (FORCE)

Project information

The main goal of the project of which this programme is part is the following: 
The microfinance sector in Burundi should be able to play a key role as a catalyst of development where the major part of the population, that has no access to the ordinary banking facilities, could gain access to finance more easily through microfinance.
The goal of the FORCE fund (Fund for Revival, Consultancies and Exchanges in Microfinance)) is to facilitate the access to financial services for the population that is excluded from the ordinary banking services. The access to financial services is of vital importance to develop economic activities. The fund aims at achieving the following results:

  • Rehabilitation of the IMF infrastructure;
  • Professionalization of the operators in the financial sector, keeping in mind that the professionalization might produce growth of the funding of agricultural production ;
  • Implementation of the regulation and the coordination of microfinance
    The goal of the services contract « management of FORCE » is the following: FORCE is being managed with highest financial administrative standards in a transparent and fair way. It's playing its role in making the industry of microfinance in Burundi more professional.

Status : Closed

Date : 12-2006 -> 04-2009

Countries : Burundi