Project PARCSI: Global diagnosis, upgrade plan and development of business plan of 17 compagnies

Project information

The National Program for Restructuring and Upgrading (PNRMN) of industrial companies is intended to prepare, over the 2014-2019 period, Ivorian manufacturing companies to face increased competition within the framework of multilateral free trade agreements.

Through this program, the Government intends in particular to support 120 industrial companies with high growth potential, by deploying large-scale actions to strengthen their capacities and their competitiveness.

It is in this context that the Ivorian Government, with the support of the AfDB, decided to provide “support for the upgrading of industrial enterprises” within the framework of the Support Project to Strengthen the Competitiveness of the Industrial sector (PARCSI). The main objective of PARCSI is to support industrial competitiveness by adapting Ivorian businesses to the opening of markets within the framework of free trade agreements, and increasing their contribution to the creation of wealth and jobs. . It is financed by a donation from the African Development Fund (ADF) with a national counterpart from the State of Côte d'Ivoire.

PARCSI's specific objectives are: (i) support for the restructuring and upgrading of businesses; (ii) support for the industrial development of the fruit and vegetable sector and (iii) support for the establishment and capacity-building of support and advisory structures for the industrial sector.

The “Agency for the Development of the Competitiveness of the Industries of Ivory Coast (ADCI)”, responsible for supporting companies adhering to the PNRMN in their restructuring and / or upgrading procedures by mobilizing experts and consultants.

1. General objective

In general, it will be on the one hand to carry out the global diagnosis (strategic and operational) of the Company and on the other hand, to develop a business plan to facilitate the access of the company to financing of required investments.

2. Specific objectives

It will be:

  • conduct a diagnosis of all of the companies' functions (management, finance, marketing, sales, technical, etc.);
  • develop an action plan for upgrading with a view to strengthening its capacities to enable it to improve its productivity, its competitiveness, to follow technological developments and to facilitate its access to regional and international markets. The program designed will allow companies adhering to the PNRMN to be competitive both nationally and internationally;
  • prepare the business plan based on the recommendations of the upgrade plan.

Status : Ongoing

Date : 07-2019 -> 08-2021

Countries : Côte d’Ivoire