Southern Neighbourhood Bank Lending Survey

Project information

The objective of the TA operation is to launch a Bank Lending Survey in the Southern Neighbourhood, which would be repeated on an annual basis by the EIB, and thus provide an in-depth perspective on financial intermediaries’ views on providing credit to the private sector and banks’ role in promoting private sector growth. The Bank Lending Survey will allow monitoring of banking sector trends and identifying the constraints banks face in providing loans to large corporates and SMEs in the region. The project consist of implementing a Bank Lending Survey and collection of a first round of Survey responses from all participating banks, providing brief statistical country overviews to the EIB and establishing close contact with relevant banks in the region and gaining their commitment to participate in this initiative on an annual basis in the future. Moreover, these tasks are performed in close collaboration with the staff of the EIB, in order to ensure a smooth continuation of the SNBLS after the end of this TA operation.
The SNBLS for all eight SN countries is aimed to collect data from a list of banks banks with a banking licence in the SN, with minimum response coverage of 70% of the banking groups with a focus on large banking groups. This corresponds to roughly 100 completed questionnaires collected across the region. The survey that will be conducted comprises of a questionnaire, which includes questions on:
- the interviewed banks’ definition of SMEs and MidCaps;
- enterprise lending activities;
- organization and lending technology;
- constraints to lending;
- cyclical developments;
- credit standards
- funding conditions
- obstacles to providing credit to small and large firms;
- client satisfaction;
- use of specific instruments.
The current TA operation will contribute to:
- Deepen the understanding of the financial sector and access to finance in the Southern Neighbourhood,
- A well-informed dialogue of the EIB with the European Commission, EU member states, partner countries, local banks and other stakeholders about banking sector trends and private sector development in the Southern Neighbourhood.
- Inform the EIB’s internal strategic and operational considerations on promoting access to finance, entrepreneurship, job creation and private sector development in the Southern Neighbourhood.
- Inform banks in SN on the results of any related analysis including the survey results.

Status : Ongoing

Date : 07-2019 -> 09-2021

Countries : Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Palestinian Territories