Support project for the establishment of start-up incubators in Gabon. Assistance for training, advice and support to incubated micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs)

Project information

The republic of Gabon had been seeking to hire the services of a consultant firm to carry out the technical, financial and economic feasibility study of a pilot incubator for SMEs. For this purpose, the Republic of Gabon had received a grant from the Technical Assistance Fund in support of middle-income countries (FAT-PRI), in the light of the financing of this support project. The mission aimed at implementing a pilot incubator that could support the start-up project leaders and the entrepreneurs in developing a viable and sustainable business activity, and to facilitate the access to finance (upstream) and to the markets (downstream) for MSMEs, by facilitating the access to public procurement, including assistance in producing tender dossiers and program funding.
Component 1: Support to entrepreneurs in the creation and development of MSMEs
The first component of the project aims at supporting the development of MSMEs through support for entrepreneurs and project leaders (with regard to feasibility studies, assistance in development of business plans and accounting, financial, legal and administrative management, development of skills development, vocational training and coaching.).
Component 2: Facilitate the access to finance and markets for MSMEs
The second component of the project aims at facilitating the access (upstream) to finance for MSMEs by means of access to public procurement, including technical assistance in producing tender dossiers; facilitating the access to subcontracting, including support to business combinations; assistance in applications for “bankable” financing and bank negotiations; assistance for the implementation of a project credit guarantee and securitization scheme; the liaison between the project leaders and the potential investors, including organization of, and/or participation in, “investment and entrepreneurial forums”, and information and communication sessions for the benefit of the project leaders.

Status : Closed

Date : 11-2017 -> 03-2018

Countries : Gabon