Technical Assistance for the Tunisian Union of Banks (UTB)

Project information

The objectives of the Technical Assistance are the following:

  • Making the financial savings of the Tunisians in France, and Europe, grow and making the volumes of transfers towards the bank grow.
  • Channelize the transfers of Tunisian migrants towards the realization of projects in Tunisia, within the framework of the promotion of micro projects and small projects and also encourage the participation in the funding of larger production projects or of infrastructure which rely on the availability of public savings.
    The technical Assistance was also necessary to allow the UTB to develop a new cooperation with the European Institutions who are working with savings and transfers of Tunisian residents in Europe, notably in the countries with a strong Tunisian community and where UTB is not represented yet. This cooperation could be formalized in a convention.

Status : Closed

Date : 12-2008 -> 07-2010

Countries : Tunisia