Technical Assistance for Training in Supervision of Financial Institutions

Project information

The objective for this assignment was to train the Banco National de Angola, Department of supervision of Financial Institutions (BNA/DSI) staff in a large number of tools, related to capacity building in the field of tasks, analysis and assessment in the matters of financial system supervision.
The staff of BNA acquired the necessary technical knowledge needed for the fulfilment of their duty as supervisors of the national financial system through the on-site monitoring of the financial institutions under their supervision.
The transfer of knowledge and skills focused on the independent identification, quantification and assessment of risk control in financial institutions
licensing of new financial institutions that are active in Angola
assessment of the financial and economic viability of projects that are submitted by applicant banks
The results achieved:

  • capacity building and increased performance of the DSI staff in terms of financial institutions supervision, through blended learning of theoretical knowledge interlinked with practical exercises
  • capability of DSI staff to assure the stability and reliability of the National Financial System
  • ability of DSI staff to manage and lead the financial institutions supervision with little or no external support

Status : Closed

Date : 03-2009 -> 03-2011

Countries : Angola