Technical assistance to BVF Société Génerale - bank participating in the partial portfolio guarantee - Support project to the financial services in Madagascar

Project information

The Malagasy Government had received funding from the Africa Catalytic Growth Fund (ACGF) in order to support the Project for assistance to Financial Services (PASEF – Projet d’Appui aux Services Financiers). The objective of the project was to increase the access to sustainable financial services of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and households in the traditional sectors (agriculture, agro-industry, trade, construction, services, etc.) in Madagascar. A guarantee fund named GPP SOLIDIS was established by the Malagasy government within SOLIDIS, a Malagasy financial institution that managed the fund.
Technical assistance is provided to the guarantee fund manager and the Participating Financial Institutions with the support of PASEF 
This mission aimed to provide technical assistance to a bank participating in the GPP (BVF Société Génerale) to support them in the development of their MSME clients (including agricultural producers) and the establishment of a management system to monitor the GPP.
The project is divided into 2 parts:  
Component 1: Support of the customer development and assistance in the implementation of the day-today MSME credit granting activities:

  1. Analysis of the needs with regards to the development of the MSME customers (evaluation of the MSME customers of the bank, evaluation of the activities of the bank for granting credits to MSMEs, evaluation of the means allocated by the bank in activities to SMEs)
  2. Assistance to the marketing of products for MSMEs: Assistance in targeting new MSME clients and tailoring the offer to meet the needs of MSME customers; Assistance in marketing specific products to MSMEs - quantitative and qualitative analysis («7p»), audit of the marketing activity, recommendations and implementation
  3. Assistance in the use of credit files analysis tools for MSMEs: Assistance in the use of tools for analysis and risk assessment of MSME credit files taking into account the specificity of MSMEs in Madagascar - analysis of existing tools, recommendations and supervision of the implementation; 
  4. Design and implementation of a training program for the bank staff 
    Component 2: Assistance to the implementation of a management system to monitor the GPP:
  5. Support the development of automatic monitoring of credit to MSMEs eligible for GPP : implementation of an automated data transfer and integration into the MIS;
  6. Assistance to the management of the GPP: Support to the bank in discussions between the bank and the fund manager regarding the content of the agreement signed between the two parties during the implementation of the GPP, Participation in the meetings held as part of the monitoring of the GPP with the Fund Manager, Assistance to the bank's agents in carrying out each stage of the day-to-day credit granting activities to MSMEs benefiting from the GPP, Participation in the Bank's semi- annual technical audit work on its GPP activities. This includes the preparation of a Manual with precedures for use and management of GPP in the Bank.

Status : Closed

Date : 01-2016 -> 05-2017

Countries : Madagascar