Technical Assistance to Development Bank of Seychelles

Project information

The overall objective of the TA was to help DBS become an efficient, modern, transparent and accountable organisation by supporting the implementation (and ensuring the successful execution) of improved credit risk management, asset and liability management and governance structures, as well as the translation of DBS’s new mandate into a market proposition and a sustainable business model. 
The specific objectives of this technical assistance contract were to contribute to the capacity of DBS by transferring best industry practice, in close cooperation with DBS management and Board, on the following topics:
1. Formalisation of DBS’s credit risk management capacity, including a credit scoring methodology and risk pricing principles; 
2. Strengthening of DBS’s treasury function through the implementation of the tools and processes required for effective asset and liability management including interest rate, funding and liquidity management; 
3. On governance and internal controls: 

  • Provision of guidance on a modern governance framework to be included in the articles of association of the newly incorporated DBSCL and/or terms of reference for DBS’s Board;
  • Completion and quality control of DBS’s on-going project to document its policies and procedures including approval levels and delegation mechanisms, review and subsequently strengthen these procedures where gaps, inconsistencies or operational risks are identified; 
  • Capacity needs assessment of Board members and provision of required training and on-the-job coaching.
    4. Development of a corporate plan based on DBS’s new mandate with a clear market proposition and medium-term strategy together with related financial projections and objectives, taking into account the activities of other local financial institutions and ensuring the long term sustainability of DBS’s operations.

Status : Closed

Date : 02-2013 -> 04-2014

Countries : Seychelles